Creative Hinckley Members Showcase

Beauty and Utility Arts are lucky enough to be members of Creative Hinckley. Our office is based on Creative Hinckley’s Creative Corridor in the Atkins Building so we’re surrounded by fellow creatives each and every day.

As members of Creative Hinckley we were invited to take part in the Creative Hinckley Members Showcase that is currently being exhibited in the gallery. The exhibition was installed and opened to the public on 14th August and will remain open until 7th September, so wander on down and enjoy all of the fantastic work on show!!

Below are a couple of photos courtesy of Ed Brown taken on the 15th August at the exhibitions Private View. We hope you love them as much as we do!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Thanks Ed!


The Concordia Gallery

As part of my job at BUA I am in charge of the lovely little gallery space held at the Concordia just around the corner from our office and studio – since August 2012 I have been responsible for the organising and overseeing of the three exhibitions that began from January 2013.

It’s not always an easy job but it has been a lot of fun so far!

As I’ve already mentioned since January we have held three exhibitions; the first was with Jaswant Flora – an illustrator who graduated from University of Northampton in 2012 with flying colours, her work showcases intricate designs that make the viewer question the content and broader meaning, drawing on her Sikh upbringing and love of all things street art the work is truly unique and completely gorgeous!



Next up we had Jane Neal, a more traditional artist working in water colours and producing some of the most stunning landscapes that I have ever seen!! Her work went up in the gallery in March and she sold several artworks in her eight week run!



Come the end of April it was time to take down Jane’s work and introduce Zac Cummings droodles to the gallery space. Zac is in an incredibly talented young man who is still at college whilst making these colourful, quirky and full of character artworks. We extended Zac’s exhibition for a month so that Hinckley’s German twinned town Herford could see the work on their upcoming visit at the end of this month!



In the coming months we have a further three artists’ works to look forward to – all like me have just graduated from De Montfort University and all produce amazing art that has had me awe-inspired for the past four years; they are, Miriam Duffield, Kerrie-Louise O’Donnell and Gemma Neilson.


Miriam Duffield, 2012


Kerrie-Louise O’Donnell, 2012


Gemma Neilson, 2012

Their works vary hugely and I’m really excited for the gallery to host works showcasing colour, form, architecture and the habits of young girls on the internet in this “selfie” generation. Miriam’s work will be installed from July 29th until September 16th, Kerrie’s from September 16th until November 11th and Gemma’s from November 11th until January 6th!


If you, or anyone you know, is interested in exhibiting at the Concordia in 2014 here is all you need to know: you get to exhibit your work for eight weeks to the theatre’s staff and visitors and we don’t charge a penny for hire or commission on works sold – it is a great opportunity for emerging or studying artists to get their work and name out there! If you’re interested please email me at to get the ball rolling!




Guest blog – Deborah Bird

I hope you’ve all had a fab Christmas and are currently relaxing in the limbo bit before New Year’s Eve!

Over the next week I’ll be posting some guest blogs from participatory artists Beauty and Utility Arts has had the pleasure of working with over the last six months. Deborah Bird starts us off, writing about a creative workshop for our Friday Arts and Health group …

‘Christmas Birds’ workshop

On Friday 30 November I visited the Beauty and Utility Arts studio to deliver a workshop with the ‘Points of Interest’ group.

In 2012 I visited the Grand Canyon National Park as artist in residence for the US National Park Service and came to the group to share my experiences and do a creative activity.

During the workshop, I took the group into the Creative Hinckley gallery space at the Atkins, where I have an Arts Council funded exhibition called ‘Grand Canyon 2012’ and gave a brief talk about my experiences in the canyon and my work; which involves the use of paper sculpture and ice photography in the landscape.

During the ‘Christmas’ themed workshop, the group made and decorated paper birds using some of the techniques that I uses in her work.

We had a great afternoon. My own work tends to be quite abstract so I designed a project using paper, 3D and inks that we could all enjoy. Everybody really got stuck in and between us we produced quite a flock. And of course with a surname like ‘Bird’ this has to be one of my favourite topics!

Deb Bird workshop POI 2

Deb Bird workshop POI 7 Deb Bird workshop POI 4 Deb Bird workshop POI 3